SPAL 9" High Performance/High Flow 634 CFM (TESTED) Intercooler Fan


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From our own real world testing, our SPAL 9" 634 CFM slim fan upgrade flows around 18 percent on average more air than the budget common 9" slim fan out on the market (which we also offer as default on our kits due to MR2 owner budget issues). If you need even more air flow, we also offer our 808 CFM heavy duty fan. (We honestly recommend that if you're already upgrading from the default china fan, get our 808 CFM fan over this slim fan). We would only recommend this fan if money or space is an issue or if you have brand preference


When comparing against our default fan from china, they're virtually almost identical in every way but SPAL is higher quality in every way, built heavy duty with a slightly larger protruding much more powerful motor. Weight is 4oz heavier, coming in at 2lbs 4oz


To properly utilize the full potential of your SPAL fan, we recommend using our dedicated wiring harness to properly power it. SPAL truly makes the best fans money can buy and we highly recommend it


  • SPAL branded fans are used on NASCAR, modern supercars, as well as many other high end automotive racing organizations/manufactures. Their motors are fully sealed, dust proof and water proof. Individually balanced for long life and high performance.

  • Our default 9" fan is not a slacker and is also commonly used. it features the same high efficiency straight blade 9" fan design for maximum air flow just like SPAL. Just doesn't move as much air unfortunately. You do get what you pay for



  • We sell authentic SPAL units only
  • These only work with our 1991-1998 Toyota MR2 Aftermarket side mount intercooler fan shroud setups. See here
  • This listing is just for 1x 9" Spal fan, and an optional dedicated wiring relay harness kit

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