MR2Heaven Side Mount Intercooler Fan Shroud Kit


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This lightweight aluminum block off plate helps direct and promote proper maximum air flow to an aftermarket side mounted intercooler. Without this plate, air would travel past your intercooler causing rough turbulence and inefficient air flow when the vehicle is in motion.

This 9" lightweight aluminum fan shroud significantly improves air flow to the intercooler and thus greatly improves intercooler efficiency. By directing 100% channeled air flow through the fan shroud, many users are noticing significant temperature drops.


  • 3D Scanned and CADed for 100% best fitment
  • CNC Cut & precisely bent according to specs
  • Largest Fan you can install coming in at a whopping 9 inches!
  • Best Fitting on the market
  • Slotted holes for slight adjustments if needed
  • 5052 lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • High efficiency straight blade 9" fan for maximum air flow - More RPM & air flow than curved blades during testing
  • Maximizes intercooler efficiency and significantly lowers air temperatures
  • Hardware included


  • Fits all 1991-1998 Toyota MR2 with upgraded side mount intercooler core
  • Fits all "Greddy" Style side mount intercoolers (ATS, KO, Berk, TCS, Ebay) that is commonly used on the MR2. 


  • Pair this with our dual fan shroud for maximum performance
  • Does not work on the OEM intercooler. Must have upgraded intercooler. Click here
  • For full intercooler kit, click here

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