Engine Lid Gas Strut Kit Engine Lid Gas Shock Kit - MR2 Heaven
MR2Heaven Engine Lid Gas Strut Kit

Billet 6061 Aluminum CNC'ed brackets for nice looks and quality.  Brackets are polished for a great shine. Looks great as is or with other chromed, stainless  steel or polished parts.  Versatile - engine prop works on both sides of the engine bay Shock strength strategically chosen to prevent overpowering and bending of the engine lid when compressed.    Included 1 Gas shock 2 Aluminum CNC'ed brackets Hardware kit   Notes We also offer a hood strut kit here - Very Useful Works for both Turbo and NA engine lids    

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Engine Lid Latch/Lever Release Cable Engine Lid Latch/Lever Release Cable
MR2Heaven Engine Lid Latch/Lever Release Cable

Premium reproduction of the OEM cable. Features Grommets, sleeves are built in Fitment All 1990-1998 SW20 MR2 (For Left Hand Drive Only)  

Front Hood Gas Strut Kit - MR2 Heaven Front Hood Gas Strut Kit
MR2Heaven Front Hood Gas Strut Kit
from $79.99

Note: 10/7/2020 - V2 is in stock and shipping! Note: 9/26/2020 and 10/3/2020 (New v2 Pics, more v2 details/notes/description) We are introducing our new V2 hood strut setup to improve on our version 1. While our V1 struts worked well for a few hundred MR2 Owners, there was room for improvements. A small handful did experience fitment and installation issues. They were mostly caused by the tight fitment of this setup, bad tolerances from factory and minor minute changes in rod ends due to available supply and manufacture changes we went throughout our V1 product lifespan. A 1mm change in rod end dimensions would of thrown things off by resting the hood strut against the fender.  With that being said, for V2, we introduce all new slimmer/smaller diameter struts of the same force (allows up to 6mm more room to play with) also available in new all new full stainless steel material as well as improved customized hardware made to our specifications exclusively for MR2Heaven. This allows for much better QC as we no longer have to source rod ends from numerous manufactures. The following combination allows for a much better fit inside the already tight area with more room for bad tolerance stacks present on MR2s. This new setup will also allow for a washer to be used in between the hood hinge and rod end, allowing for more structural support than before and the ability to retain the 3rd 10mm fender bolt which had to be removed to install v1. The stainless steel variant introduces some pop. jazz and improved rust resistance! With this V2 system, we have mastered and reached the pinnacle for hood struts on SW20 MR2s Estimated V2 Arrival for shipping 10/4/2020-10/10/2020.  For people with V1 If you are having fitment issues on V1, simply changing to our new customized rod ends will help fix all fitment issues. We can supply these to you for free if you can take a picture of your current hardware. If you want to upgrade all together to full V2 for the added washer and 3rd 10mm fender bolt advantages, please email us with your order # and we can offer a generous discounted v2 kit for you.  --- Purpose Its that time to discard that rusty, squeaky, outdated and dangling loose rubber grommet and probably bent hood rod prop system. We spared you the confusion, spent the time, did the research and testing for the most efficient and best fitting front hood prop system for you.  Now you can... Have your hood opened with minimal effort Have your hood opened half way just cause... Eliminate that fear of wind or a person toppling your hood on top of you while working on the car.  Stand out of the crowd with the new high quality MR2Heaven Front Hood Gas Prop Kit. Modernize your ride! Included High quality pair of Guden Struts (Struts made in USA/Korea/Turkey depending on batch and material selected) Hardware kit and everything else needed to modernize your whip! Fitment All 1991-1998 Toyota MR2s with OEM hood/fender. Aftermarket hood/fender support has not been tested Notes We also have a rear engine lid gas shock kit as well here FOLLOW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.  

-27% sale
Front Hood Latch/Lever Release Cable Front Hood Latch/Lever Release Cable
MR2Heaven Front Hood Latch/Lever Release Cable

Premium reproduction of the OEM cable. Features Grommets, sleeves are built in Fitment All 1990-1998 SW20 MR2 (Tested with LHD, not sure for RHD)

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Frunk Frunk
MR2Heaven Frunk "Under the Hood, U Shaped Spare Tire" Main Plastic Panel

Note 2/8/2021 - Batch is here to ship out pre-existing orders. Main batch est. arrival May-July 2021.  Note 1/20/2021 - 1st mini batch (around 40 of these surrounds) planned from Sept/Oct 2020 and completed in December set to arrive by Feb 2021 and will be used to fulfill existing pre-orders. The Main big batch to ship all pre-orders out will hopefully arrive around May-July 2021 Note 11/24/2020 - ETA Mid December Note 9/1/2020 - Pre Order Sale for our upcoming product. 1st Batch Estimated ETA 5-9 weeks. Purpose Commonly, these plastic covers are missing/damaged on many 91-98 Toyota MR2s.  Features PE Material Construction Holes Pre-drilled Sturdy and durable 30% Thicker than OEM Panels Included 1 Plastic Cover

Full E153 Axles with CV joints + LSD Stubs Full E153 Axles with CV joints + LSD Stubs
MR2Heaven Full E153 Axles with CV joints + LSD Stubs
from $450.00

Purpose With Toyota dropping the ball and a complete lack of aftermarket support for axles, we have collaborated with Bob Pham to help fill the void. Gone are the days where searching for axles was a tedious and almost impossible task. These full axles are brand new and completely plug and play.    Features Made from 1041 Chromoly Steel (We also have Billet high power versions here) Full Set - Completely plug and play Brand new everything, new bearing on Axle Stubs, clamps, dust caps, grease, bearings, cages, hardware, boots and king nut. Interchangeable - Works for NON LSD or OEM LSD, ABS and NON ABS wheel hubs. Options include full axles, stubs only (plugs into transmission and half shaft) or half shafts (axle shafts with cv joint without stubs)   Notes Designed to work with E153 OEM LSD and NON LSD transmissions on SW20 Mark 2 Toyota MR2. Works for ABS and NON ABS MR2s. If using for hybrid setups, please do your homework   Once installed on car, don't forget to torque CV Joint 8mm allen bolts to 48ft-lbs  

-27% sale
Gas Cap Latch/Lever Release Cable Gas Cap Latch/Lever Release Cable
MR2Heaven Gas Cap Latch/Lever Release Cable

Premium reproduction of the OEM cable. Features Grommets, sleeves are built in Fitment All 1990-1998 SW20 MR2 (Tested with LHD, not sure for RHD)

GEN2/3 3SGTE Recirculating Blow Off Valve Block Off Plug GEN2/3 3SGTE Recirculating Blow Off Valve Block Off Plug
MR2Heaven GEN2/3 3SGTE Recirculating Blow Off Valve Block Off Plug

What is the purpose? This plug inserts into the rubber/silicone Air intake hose when one decides to delete their blow off valve or set their blow off valve to non-circulating mode (Vent to atmosphere)  Without a plug in the intake pipe, the ECU would not run properly as it will miscalculate the amount of air entering the motor.    Features 6061 Aluminum Billet CNC construction Anodized for protection against weather elements and scratches Integrated bead to ensure tightness and a tight seal No hose clamp needed   Included 1 Billet Aluminum 6061 CNC`ed Plug   Notes: If you need the blow off valve block off plate, https://mr2heaven.com/products/3sgte-blow-off-valve-block-off-plate If you want to replace your rubber hose for a silicone hose,  https://mr2heaven.com/collections/mr2heaven-products/products/mr2heaven-silicone-s-tube-intake-piping-for-gen2-3sgte

-32% sale
GEN3/4/5 3SGTE Waterneck Converter GEN3/4/5 3SGTE Waterneck Converter
MR2Heaven GEN3/4/5 3SGTE Waterneck Converter

This 6061 Billet CNC Aluminum adaptor is a complete kit that allows one to run the standard 91-95 GEN2 3SGTE Waterneck on a GEN3/4/5 3SGTE.  Comes polished to a mirror-like shine for great looks and sealing  

General Payment Link
MR2Heaven General Payment Link

Use this to pay for any general non specific purchases. Simply change quantity to reflect the pricing 

MR2Heaven Heated Seats Package - For 2 Seats

This package will make your seats heated. Works best with our reproduction seat covers Comes with a switch to mount on your kick panel Sold as a pair, enough for 2 seats.   


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