Stainless Steel Pipes With Side Mounted Intercooler Kit - SW20 3SGTE MR2

MR2 Heaven

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11/17/21 - We are currently back ordered on intercooler cores.  Our manufacturer quoted completion of our new batch at the end of the month plus inbound shipping transit time.  We will be able to ship all new orders once our cores arrive.

12/31 update - manufacturer still delayed



    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Polished Surface for lower radiant heat absorptivity rate
    • Rolled Bead for efficient hose coupler attachment
    • Smooth pipe transitions for strong seal and hose connections 
    • Universal Interchangeable twist on BOV Flange System - Exclusive to MR2Heaven Pipes. (Easily twist on different flanges - OEM, HKS, Greddy, TIAL Blow off valve Flanges and our Blow off valve delete cap)
      • Going BOV route and want option to run NO BOV? Not a problem. Click here, or check out our new twist on BOV delete cap
    • Pipe also available with no BOV port

Intercooler Kit advantages

    • Biggest 9" Fan and lightweight aluminum shroud system (The biggest you can mount on this core to help maximize cooling!
    • 3D Scanned intercooler core and computer aided design (CAD) block off plate and fan shroud helps divert proper and maximum air flow into the intercooler core from the side vent! No more misfits and inefficient designs. This allows us to create components for our kit that fits exactly as designed utilizing every millimeter surface area of the intercooler core. We used the best quality of light weight materials. There is no gaps and holes and blocking of the actual intercooler core like some kits out on the market which were designed out of guessing and tracing cardboard templates. 
    • High Quality Constant Torque hose clamps ensures constant torque and helps prevent annoying popped hoses when compared to other clamps on the market. As far as we know as of 3/9/2021, we are the only vendor that offers this on our kits. 
    • High quality stainless steel hardware and high strength yellow zinc coated steel nylon lock nuts prevents rust and loose components under high vibration and loads, environmental factors and the most extreme use. 
    • Easily twist on different blow off valve flanges with our universal port system. This is only exclusive to MR2Heaven pipes. 

Intercooler Core

    • Aluminum material construction for maximum Heat transfer/extraction


  • A set of Stainless Steel Cold Pipe and Hot Pipe for any generation 3SGTE of your choosing
  • Optional MR2Heaven Fully interchangeable Stainless Steel BOV Flanges (Easily Change between OEM, HKS, Greddy and TiAL and blow off valve delete  blow off valve flanges)
  • Lightweight 9" aluminum Fan Shroud Kit (Block Off Plate, Fan, Fan Shroud)
  • Aluminum Side Mount Intercooler Core
  • Premium Constant Torque Hose Clamps (not your common cheap T-Bolt clamps)
  • Set of MR2Heaven multi layered and reinforced silicone hose couplers
  • Hardware Kit


  • Fits all GEN2/3/4/5 3SGTE on bottom mount turbo (example, CT26, CT20B, most bottom mount turbo kits)
  • Plug and Play Setup. No modifications needed!


  • This kit works extremely well with our dual fan shroud kit, significantly lowering air intake temperatures while possibly matching the SS theme with our mirror finished shroud. Click here
  • Complete the SS Pipe collection with one of our 3 or 4" Intakes here
  • OEM BOV flange works with OE GEN2/3 BOV, not OE GEN4 (That means you can throw a gen2/3 bov on a gen4 and it'll work, just cant throw a OE Gen4 BOV on the flange)
NEW OEM Twist on Blow off valve flange. HKS, Greddy, Tial also available. 

Want even more performance? Check out our Carbon Fiber Pipes here 


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